Kathryn Kozowski

Hello! My name is Kathryn Kozowski and I have worked as a writer and editor for the past two years. My experience includes working for regional lifestyle magazines, an online environmental publication, editing books for publication, writing for local newspapers, and freelance work for various blogs. I am also a photographer with work printed in multiple publications. I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where I graduated in 2013 from Western Washington University with a degree in English Literature.

Waterfront Place Central

Planning for Waterfront Place Central originally began in 2005, but when the recession hit those plans were shelved. In 2011 city officials revisited the rough sketches and began altering their original vision into a plan that they believe will boost Everett’s economy and give it a reputation as a hub for tourists and families to gather and spend time. And with the multiple parks, trails for biking and walking, performance spaces, shopping centers, and living spaces, it seems there will be an attraction for everyone.

Fragrance Lake

With birds chirping, flowers in full bloom, and sunshine streaming through windows every morning, there is no doubt that spring is here. For Bellinghamers this season means a time to take advantage of the extensive trail systems that weave in and around our beautiful city. So whether you are an avid outdoorsman or new to the joys of hiking, here is an easy day hike that will get you warmed up and ready for a full season of outdoor adventures.


Walking through Ormolulu and exploring their breathtaking collection of antique, vintage, and upcycled items is what I imagine being on a treasure hunt feels like –the excitement of discovering unique relics such as Dictaphones, tube radios, and old lab equipment that the owners of Ormolulu have salvaged, restored, and made beautiful again. Owners Debi Burton and Jim Blondeau are artists and antique-enthusiasts who have spent the past eighteen years collecting and restoring antique and vintage objects, ranging from old scorecards to pieces of furniture, and then selling them at antique shows throughout the country. With that many years of experience under their belts, and a passion that drives them to always find and create the best upcycled items, it is no surprise that Debi and Jim have opened a store as beautiful and inviting as Ormolulu.

Wild Whatcom

Few experiences rival the enthusiasm children bring to exploring the outdoors – whether it be climbing rocks, exploring moss-covered trees, hunting for seashells on the beach, or running along trails. At Wild Whatcom, a non-profit in downtown Bellingham, kids are taken on instructor-led adventures into the wilderness where they are encouraged to cultivate that energy and curiosity toward the world around them, while being taught to approach the earth with restraint, awareness and respect.